Quality Guarantee

Metalcast offers its customers a Quality Guarantee. Producing
quality parts is part of Metalcast's set of values as an organization.

Metalcast utilizes an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Process to ensure that
parts are compliant to the customer's specifications after every process Quality Inspection Gate.

Metalcast has invested in precise inspection machines to help ensure
that the customer's quality standards are always achieved. Metalcast
has its own CNC-CMM, CMM, Universal Testing Machine,
Spectrometer, Profile Projector, Hardness Tester, Bench Centers,
Water Tester and complete inspection jigs and gauges.

Metalcast's Quality Guarantee is supported by:

Metalcast's highly
trained technical staff
and engineers

Metalcast's ISO 9001
Certification for its
Management Systems

Precise jigs, fixtures and
measuring instruments

Roster of new and
reliable machines
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